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Forget about the local mafisi,check the wild parties of king of Swaziland.

King tblak

Now forget about the local mafisi members in Kenya. This king is really the head of Mafisi kingdom worldwide. Im talking about real King of swazilands son. This is the only crazy king we have in Africa with Africanism. He marries as many ladies as possible every year and the rest who fail in the contest go to the royal family men who quench their thirsty like the father.

The instagram page of the royal family is full of the madness that the it does every year. The king of a sub kingdom in Swaziland spotted intermingling with variety of tasty ladies from all round the kingdom. His name is King Tblak of House Of Currency (H.O.C). His Instagram seems to be his kingdom and also where he is pictured in various suggestive positions with multiple women of all kinds in what looks like a wild parties.

The kingdom is real volatile in pretty s3x habits and even majority of youth are used to. He was quoted saying that all youngmen should not marry below two wives as it will be the only way of satisfying their ladies in the country. Which will also help in curbing prostitution in the kingdom. The furious young king astonished the kingdom by displaying and leading by showing the youth how it is done. There is a saying, saying leaders should lead by example.
Can the leaders adopt the method for making local ladies be content and satisfied? No it cannot be. The gross national product of Swaziiland is different from the kenyan one and hence economy levels are differnt. In Swaziland their is alot of exports than Kenya and majority of them are well off and do not depend much from the government.  The area is well fertile and agriculture is the order of the day from the royal government. Visit his instagram and see for yourself.

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