Dadaab is where the mastermind of the Kenya attacks organise and execute.

The government wants to close the camps of the internally displaced people and the refugees from the neighbouring countries. The fields which the international community supported and wanted to prolong the duration to look them for respective and alternative premises for them to stay, the government of Kenya now wants to close permanently the camps and take the individual people to their area where they belonged. The government through its permanent secretary from the interior ministry Karanja Kibicho said that starting from next week, they will shut down all the operations from the camps of Kakuma and Dadaab. "Some government officials are already out of the camps," he added.

According to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), also known as the UN Refugee Agency, the  United Nations programme is mandated to protect and support refugees at the request of a government or the UN itself and assists in their voluntary repatriation, local integration or resettlement to a third party countries or individuals. Now this mandate will not be real implemented by the government as its tired for having the largest refugee camps in the world.

The government will not be able to stop its services abruptly because of the treaty signed holding United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), also known as the UN Refugee Agency. This act shows that the government will not be in a position or in line with the treaty to close them according to United Nations act about refugees.

The interior cabinet secretary Joseph Nkaiserry said that for the country to be safer then will have to lock the camps forcefully or else continue to raise the bandits. The closure of the camp would risk 350,000 Somali lives, warns Amnesty.

Some of the people stayed in Kenya for more than ten years, and this act will be difficult for some of the individuals in the fields. The government urges that the areas hold terrorists and other bad people who make the country not stable. It also provides a loophole for the refugees to transport illegal arms and other cartels to do their business in Kenya without being detected. The camps also is a security to the government which makes it get funds from the international communities to sustain them. The majority of Kenyans have jobs and will affect many people as thousands are hosted and fed by the camps. Now it is up to the international sponsors to determine which way to go as the government decided to close it.

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