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A hot  and s£xy fashionista and designer from Mombasa wants to compete with the Mombasa women representative Mishi Mboko. The hottest and with "a thousand" coloured will compete with current women representative come to the other general election. The 19 years old miss Sadaf Deen said its time for young people to shine instead of the old people. The county needs to be taken ahead by the people and this generation of ladies. She was born in Mombasa and raised in Mombasa. She went to school in Mombasa and now wants to change the mode of living in politics. Changing the lives of youths in the county through politics is the main theme in her agenda.

County goverment.
This message passed through the facebook page was taken as a positive an ambitious way of changing the economy and society from the old way. This the way counties in Kenya must reform to new generation leaders and make a new change. Look at the message of this lady on her facebook page that will make you believe how the new generation will change the county.

She urges youth to stay focused and also contribute to the county government activities and vie for political seats. This is their time and has to make it in reality. The majority of the youth are cowards and lack confidence in terms of the political arena.  She urged youth to present them and vote for her in the general election to make Mombasa better and a good example. This lady is the youngest in talks of joining politics in the history of Kenya.

Here are some of the pictures of the gorgeous lady who wants to be seating with governor Joho when he gets the seat back come 2017.

Featured lady who wants to run for mombasa political seat.Sadaf for 2017

Young generation leaders.


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  1. Will give you all and campaign for you.


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