Donations in huruma from Senator and women representative

A drama happened in Huruma where the victims of the building held. Donations that were given by Nairobi senator Mike Sonko and Nairobi women representative Rachel Shebesh to help the victims were stolen. The officials handling the matter have loosely held the equipment and they were stolen by a gang and a lobby group created by youth from the area.

This happened when a commotion broke out at the Huruma CDF camp on Wednesday because of the perturbation over missing items that had been given to the affected families  after the collapsed building last week killing 52 people.

Kenyatta university students took their contributions to the tragedy and some of them were stolen from the store where victims are being accommodated. The donated  food items including rice, maize flour, cooking fat and other household items. The donated items were to help the victims in basic needs. The students lorry as soon it left the campus, chaos started as some of the students discovered their items were missing while in the store much was left.

Huruma assistant chief Miss Marion Doka said, “I was called at around 7pm and told a group of youth had forced their way into the store. This happened after one of the women opened the door to investigate reported theft that was going on where food items were being passed through the window."

She added, “The young men pushed her into the store and took off with items which included some blankets, flour, diapers and sanitary towels donated by P&G. She was rescued by fellow women otherwise, she would have been injured.” Most of the leaders in the area argued that the deal was planned and it was just an inside job. They also added that the assistant chief knew the plan and was in the plan.

They also argued that many donations has come from the office of the president and have not been stolen. Now, what was the security nature of the area before the attack? The area has police and the store was in the vicinity of the chiefs office. Most of the commodities that were taken there by good wishes were domestic items and also money to assist them looking for an alternative place. The county government disbursed little cash to support them eventual some of the cash did not reach the victims. Imagine people stealing donations for Huruma collapsed building victims without mercy. (Huruma)

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