Wild life conservation

Wildlife conservation has taken too long to realise that it is the main feature of promoting tourism and foreign currency. Kenyan firms used wildlife as a way of obtaining wealthy brought by tourism. The way of getting revenue is by having tourist attractions and hotels where they stay and resorts for holidays. 

The wildlife essentials like skin, tusks and rhinos horns are the primary sources of wealth among Kenyan tycoons. The majority of them sourced their money from that business and drugs. 

These cartels were held by the Kenya Wildlife themselves who in the olden days transported using the government vehicles.

Former president Daniel Arap Moi burnt 5 tonnes of ivory and other wildlife related content in 1988. He was always on toes with the poachers but only forgetting that the people who had deals were forest service employees.
Kenya wildlife services.
The other former president Mwai Kibaki burnt 10  tonnes of ivory in 2010. These were stored after they captured in Singapore. The world has reinforced on the international rules of banning ivory in the market. 

East Africa was the leading source of ivory supplied across the middle east market and other Asian countries. The level of elephants since the 1960s to date has reduced by close to 75% and yet the number keeps on decreasing if a fast action will not be taken.
President Uhuru Kenyatta 2016 burnt the highest capacity of ivory of about 100 tonnes worth billions of shillings. The tonnes that President destroyed marked the end of the ivory collection and it's an alarm on the countries that buy ivory products that the market is closed. In the burning ceremony, President Uhuru Kenyatta who was backed by the Gabon President sent a terrible message to the poachers that the only way to get them and combat ivory smuggling is by killing those who found to destroy the wildlife. The Gabon president emphasized the speech by the Kenyan president that his country has taken a step ahead in fight poaching by enacting stringent laws that curb loopholes in the wildlife industry.

President set ivory on fire.
How did people get tusks and rhino horns.? Mzee from Voi Narrated how he got into the business. "People came and wanted mercury and ivory; they show me how to get them. But I was afraid of the Askari in the park. They gave me magic that Rangers will never detect me and it worked. The Rangers sometimes could surround me with them notify that I'm in the midst." That is how people made to being in the forest without any problems and not scared by the Rangers.


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