CORD team Addressing a rally in Nairobi.

A man in Kibera is nursing some injuries after police dealing with riots shoot him in an attempt to uproot a railway. The police surrounded Kibera as one of the opposition party strongholds in Nairobi. As the former prime minister was tear gassed at the anniversary towers in the IEBC offices, another group was busy uprooting the railway line. This group did not join the rest in the waiyaki way but decided to remain in their area and demonstrated then showing off anger on the railway line.

The group of people were very angry due to the government forcing and blocking the opposition in exercising their constitutional rights. The lobby group which encounters another group which was protesting against the opposition deeds also were dispersed by the antiriot police unit in the area. This is the third time the Kibera slums people trying to damage the railways since the post-election violence in 2007/8. The approach will even scare investors and the new standard gauge railway line sponsors.

Now all eyes are focusing on to the government if they will loosen their strength and allow for dialogue and the disbandment of the IEBC. This chaos reduces the-the effort of business people thriving with the business. At the same time decreases the economy of the country.
Countries which were brought down due to consistent demonstrations include Tunisia, Burundi and Libya. " The tough words that the opposition is standing on will not even bring fear to them and this is an important position to liquidate the country's economy." an economist said.

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