A bus in the likoni water channel.

A bus which belongs to the smart company in Tanzania failed to climb the slippery steep slope of Likoni island and reversed to the channel waters. The bus which was heading to Tanzania reversed to the ocean after the driver lost control of the vehicle.

This happens after a lorry lost its control from the base titanium Kwale and nearly hit some people and left some with injuries as they were trying to run away from the truck. The bus carried 50 passengers and none of them got injuries.

According to the report of the Kenya ferry services, the bus brakes failed to function after it was unable to go through the boarding Likoni island channel. The driver horned to alert the people who were on  the bus and outside the bus for a safer halt.

People have been told to be keen on the channel because of the steep slope where some vehicles sometimes fail breaks and its slippery nature where again people fall on the ground. They have insisted on being cautious when driving, walking or riding because of the  slippery nature. The green form and structures laid on the ground are the ones which are more slippery and the management has really stressed on that, People should not step and completely refrain on the greenish grounds when using the channel.

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