Penis transplant done successful in U.S

A Massachusetts man recovered his manhood after he lost his penis some years back. This man from the United States break the record after suggesting to have the first penis transplant. The man was optimistic and curious of recovering back his Penis. The surgery kicked off  last month and was successfully. Now it the patient nursing the aggresiveness of the surgical knife. The doctors in Boston say they are “cautiously optimistic” he will make a full recovery.

Sixty-four-year old Thomas Manning lost his penis to prostrate cancer in 2012 and was given a new one last week, big thanks to an anonymous dead donor. The journey was so hard and difficult staying without proper manhood. Millions of shillings was poured out to anyone who could donate his manhood to him. At the same time dollars were squandered to establish the natural manhood lost connection from the doctors in Boston.

Now everything is fine from the doctors and family only If all goes well, doctors say Manning will regain full urinary and s£xual functions. They also add that they want to ensure the operation is a fully success before they perform it on others.
The world’s first successful penis transplant was undertaken last year in pretoria South Africa. This transplant was done by close to thirty doctors from the national hospital across the country. This was first ever done and was a great experience from the qualified doctors.
It si speculated that some doctors tried in China about 10 years ago, but the patient asked doctors to completely remove the organ because the couples had psychological problems and the family was in shambles..

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