Tanzian Marriage bill.

Marriage parties  and weddings will start paying tax if the motion is taken to the Tanzanian parliament passed. The motion which was taken to the parliament will make marriages and  weddings paying taxes for any part they will doing as they sustain to build the countries economy. The bill will make the Tanzania Revenue Authority to collect close to 20 billion Tanzanian shillings per annum. The marriage bill will make marriages expensive if it is passed.

This controversial bill has let Bongo people talk about it. When the government looks for ways of stabilizing the economy its also noting that noise pollution and any other pollution activities will be minimised. The parties that happen makes the goverment loose close to 300 million tanzanian shillings every month. Despite of that aspect it also makes the country prone to noise pollution with parties allover the major towns.

This bill will be taken to parliament on june for further discussion and for further amendments.  The members of parliament are will seek to improve on the bill make an amendment and create a reasonable way of billing those who will not be able to raise of go contrary.  Hope this bill will not be brought here in Kenya because of the nature of the members of the parliament. The regulation that rendered youth in Kenya to get married to infinity number of a spouse without consultation brought a lot of chaos, then what about this one from the Tanzania. This act will not pass but make chaos.

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