Devil worshipping in Rift valley.

Devil worshing in kenya has made people smelling million and in shocking ways. But this one is more than shocking you may even end up dying. Many people have been associating road accidents with careless driving and alcohol influence. National transport authority has been on the move stabilizing the transport industry.

Now this emerging issue about devil worshipping has no authority to deal with it. All transporting authorities cannot and will not have any grace of dealing with it. A man from Riftvalley region is smelling rich from the road accidents. Another day he made 10 millions with fews hours. All the media houses were full of road carnage at sachangwan another at molo, while the other at mile saba and so on and so fourth. This action sound crazy, but its not. It is all about fame and money which makes and brings celebrity.
Now it is clear that the accident prone months of November and December is all about sacrifice. People sacrifice others to make money.  Lol, there are so many ways of killing a rat. Now you understand why majority will forget about going to heaven. Check this person who was made all that happen and pocket enough for the campaign and wants to be a member of parliament.

Mr Meshack Kimutai, who was rumoured to be dating Deputy President Ruto’s daughter Jane Ruto, has been making headlines and spotted  of late with expensive and luxury lifestyle. He is also known for his flashy lifestyle you won't believe and that has left many questioning his source of wealth. Kimutai, a youth leader and aspirant for MP Emgwen constituency in the 2017  General elections, shocked many when he revealed that he made Sh6Million in some hours of  a day. He is really hoping to be elected come to the next general election. If these allegations are true then many more youth will also be trapped for selfishness and naughty.

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