Dating for modern partners.
Marriages nowadays are like getting to hell because of the family structures. The pole of the family determines the activities that someone should expect before and after getting married. The major reasons why 90 percent of marriages fail is the foundation of the relationships and marriage intermediaries. Marriage experts suggest that lifestyle also has also led to the fallen modern marriages in this  century. Here are some of the discussions that rendered a steady declination of marriages.

High life standards.
This high living standards has rendered people not to get married. while the ones who get a chance of marriage they also broke out and remain single parents. The high prices of domestic items make people walk away from marriages and be independent. Many people think that life is full of entertainment and leisure but in the real sense it is not. Investments have to be done to secure the future of the unborn. The economy inflation makes people forget about marriages and relationships.

Childrens now a days are a just source of income and either be rich. The majority of parents like to invest in their children and make their life difficult when they get married. Dowry was meant to be thanksgiving and appreciation for life and child raise up. It was also meant to make real respect with a commitment. Now its investment to the parents. Parents with many ladies gets rich from the dowry.  They look at the standard of the daughter and charged according to the standard, it is like you are paying university fees. It is ironically when they forget that even the man who is getting married also went to school as well.
  The actual thing that finish marriages is that the wife is looked as an investment instead of what God planned.  In contrast with football, a player is bought to deliver in the team or else will either go on loan or be sold completely. This is what is happening in todays African marrigaes. Men invest in women and when they do not deliver they eventually broke the marriage and be apart. It is not taken again as rewards for the parent but an investment for the parent especial the parents who lost their time with useless things and now they regret. They revenge in dowry sorry to speak and atleast build a good shelter sometimes.

In laws.
 The last feature that makes  marriages die are the inlaws.  When partners gets married, it does not mean that they bring two families together but it shows and bring up a third family.
In the bible in quote,"A man shall leave parents and create a news home and family". This intergration does not mean that there is a real relationship between these families. 
So majority of men are controlled by  their mothers. Mothers have alot of influence in marriages than fathers. Most broken families are done so by the mother in laws compared to fathers. Families that are controlled by inlaws do not go further in sustainability. Good marriages are the ones controlled by partners and religion. Partners should have a good number of shares and decision making compared to the neighbours and inlaws.

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