Police using excessive force against the anti IEBC protests.

The protest against IEBC is not yet over. The most shocking and terrible news is about the engagement of Police and the protesters. International communities are lobbying the government and the opposition against having chaos in the country next year's general elections. The opposition is demonstrating because according to the article 37 of the constitution is talking more about demonstrations. while the government on the other side is busy protecting its entity.Article 37 of Kenya’s Constitution guarantees citizens the right to assemble, demonstrate, picket, and present petitions to public authorities, peaceably and unarmed.

According to sources in Western and Nyanza regions, it is suggested that next Monday demonstration, the police will have to be with them in order for them to have a peaceful protest and should not start with teargas.  Four women were shot yesterday and being treated at their local hospital and shockingly they were not among the people who were demonstrating. They said that police went to their homes and shot them. They went breaking other people doors and windows shooting them. These women said in the hospitals and now they think of joining the next Monday protest if they will be out of the hospital.

They also added, "If someone can be shot at home, then there is no need of staying at home. Next Monday we will be on the street so that we will be doing something even if we shot in the street."

The ones who were shot are all of them are from Nyanza and Western regions as what Hon. Peter Kaluma said in an interview with K24 Tv. The opposition despite the killings is saying that they will be on the street on Monday and the other Mondays respectively. People are now hoping that the next week's protest will be fair and police will lead them peaceful till the end. Police will maintain law and order peacefully without using force. The IPOA and other oversight organs have launched investigations of what happened yesterday and the culprits will be prosecuted .

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