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Revealed!! The police "Chai" is a directive from their bosses, explained by NPSC commissioners in Mombasa.

The boss being vetted by NPSC on May 25, 2016

Revelations came along as the National Police Service Commission launched proper scrutinization against police officers in Mombasa. The revelation was like building castles in the air. The Police bosses from Mombasa sub counties found themselves in a nightmare. The compressive cover of the police by juniors was revealed by the NPSC led by chairman Johnston Kavuludi. Police officers were always collecting money to their bosses as a way of making good rapport and reputation.

The team of directors led by NPSC chairman started with the police boss from Mombasa central business district. Senior Sergeant Leonard Masika from Mombasa County had a difficult time in explaining how the bodaboda operators always required to give out money to police officers every time. These were questions that the commissioners got from the operators before they started the interview. The county police boss did not even have a clear answer.

 Bamburi Traffic Base Commander Abubakar Bakari was next with the team for vetting.  He was found to have 50 million plus in his transaction from the past eight years. It was like hell to Mr. Bakari as it was tough to give out precise answers. He added that his wife has a business that is booming even sometimes facilitated by tenders from county governments that why he was receiving large amounts of money. Other complaints that the team got from the junior police officers were, the bosses required certain amount every week or specific periods. The respondent dismissed the claims but he was warned not to be rude because he may end up loosing the job.

The axe proceeds to his huge amounts of money on his MPESA transactions. The  M-Pesa transactions showed that the officers sent money from Bungoma, Busia, Kakamega. Webuye, Kabras, Nairobi among other areas.The first post as boss was  stationed at Webuye.  He defended himself that the transaction was for his wife and as well for Chama. He added that he has a "Chama" with other 30 base commanders and other business people in Kenya. The axe will go down from the bosses to juniors next week.

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