NYS allegadly servicing women

Husbands in Kisumu protests due to the allegation that NYS have been going for the married women. The youths have been targeting married women to help them in the project as the government is targeting women and youths. The husbands have been looking forward to no fight with the National Youth Service.

The project which was launched by president Uhuru Kenyatta saw a lot of people liking it as it rakes bored and idle youth from the street. They have been active since the president visited Nyanza and Western region. The aim of jubilee is to rake votes from the region come next year.

The married men in the area had something in concern as the NYS campaigning for married women to boost them in the road construction project. Some were found flattering with their wives on the street and at work. Due to the matter at hand, the husbands thought of protesting against the way NYS is functioning in the area. 

One husband said, "The NYS are servicing our wives instead of roads,We see them how they flatter and adore our wives. If they continue we will chase them away and look forward to a private contractor to do the work. Governor to assist us in this matter". 

The furious men also described their women as hardworking and cute distinct and the young men are salivating for their bootylicious and curvy wives. This trend of the National youth service servicing women and other people wives started in the Western then central region and now it trending in Kisumu. The government under devolution ministry urged the husbands to stop worries as it is intended to assist and empower women and youth so the old men should not worry about their wives. The constitution is talking about gender balance and empowering for youths and women. "Tenders also are given priority to women and youth but not to the old men, " NYS official said.

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