Protest against IEBC.

The demonstrations today happened at Mombasa, Bungoma, Siaya and Kisumu which led to losing of lives. The demonstrations happened today was massive and participated by many counties.  The protest was declined and shut down by the jubilee government police. The protest planned by CORD was peaceful while people carrying white handkerchiefs. The police decided to move in massive to combat the people across the country.

The principles from CORD also talked with its supporters at the orange house today. The CORD leader Hon. Raila Odinga urged that the police who killed the three people in Nyanza. He said, "The police who are saying about protest permission are a stupid and selfish excuse and the demonstration will proceed every Monday".  The CORD leader was real angry about the action was taken by the Jubilee government and the other principles agreed that will continue until the IEBC officials resign.
Kakamega senator Dr. Boni Khalwale was also locked in a police station for insight the youth in Kakamega and Kisumu.
 The speaker of Mombasa county assembly was also locked at central police due to the protests and igniting youth to cause fracas. Chairman of KANU Nick Salat also added that the party will join CORD in the protest because they were denied their seat in Kericho by-election. The demostrations also happened several areas where its not real CORD strongholds.  Former vice president and a principle in the opposition party Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka said that he will also mobilize members from Eastern region to join the next coming demostartions next Monday. He also said that he be better be a sweeper at the opposition goverment than be a minister in the jubilee government.

"The Government is squarely responsible for the loss of lives and we  have lawyers and other promoinent people who undrestand the law very much," said Kalonzo Musyoka. He also added that the demostration ill continue as in South Africa, Brazil and other countries who had peacefully demostrations.  Kibra residents also did not have a chance to get to the central business district. The opposition stronghold area  in Nairobi was sorrounded by police with riot bouqueets which later used to block the residents from getting to town. The question everyone is asking is what will happen if the IEBC will not resign? Will the protest continue everyday even if the police continue to kill people? All this will be answered in the coming mondays as they continue with the protests.

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