Raila Odinga teargased and rushed out of the protest scene.

This is something that many people do not think about. It a controversial topic to discuss and posting it at once risk. People do not pray for leaders to get sick or be injured in any circumstance. All round the corners people are talking about Raila Odinga and the IEBC ejection protest. The implication of having such demostration is adverse. This may seem to be just going to the streets but it really hurts the economy of the country. This mass movement may bring fluctuations in the kenyan economy and rising lifestyle standards. Nevertheless, more of investors will be scared and hence run away. A good example is when Ugandan President dismised the coperation in the project of pipeline from Lamu to Kampala. The main reasons was political instability.

What do you think will happen if Raila gets injuries? This question need much answers than suggestions because we have had others loosing their life through murder because "Baba" was teargased in anniverssary towers in Nairobi during the first protest. Other people become fans of something regardless of the impact when failed. The okoa kenya had three ways of being stipulated and be succedeed. The first one was through signatures. Just one million signatures could make the process kick off. The other was through the parliament. But they did not mention the third one. It was then realised that when all fail then the third one will not.  Now the third one is demostration as all of us we can see.

It is only this monday the wind screen of his SUV car was hit by a bullet, which the security team denied. This small mistake made the CORD officials suggest that it was a planned assanination but eventual Raila wa not in the car. Politicians think saying words is a their political right but it really hurts peoples faiths and believes politically. What was the next step is Raila was in the Car? No suggestions because it will create a sense of being in the opposition side even opposing the government. Now it is upon the government to rethink other ways of dealing with the matter at hand than using force which sometimes ends up in an awkward way. The security agencies should also look for ways of protecting these political leaders because it may cause havoc sometimes.

Thinking of the security breaches that happened in Kenya that was vunerable to the leaders and even the president, they were enormous.It a bit confusing when the president could mingle with people at the midle while other throwing flags like the day he came from Netherlands after ICC declared him free. This action shows that prominent people security need to be beefed up.  The security matters should also include the govornors and senetors who lead their respective counties. Sometimes they act as presidents from their own counties which create respect to the community. Some months back Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho security team was reduced together with Kilifi governor Amason Kingi,This also led to tough talk over the issue. These small or petty issues are the ones making the country divided and be tribalistic.  Tribalism comes when people feel that there is no one to assist them in terms of livelihood from outside the community and depend solely from the internal leadership. Just comment below of what you think will happen if something happens for our leaders.

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