Underpants on the sun for proper drying.

Underwear is the primary source of skin disease known as "rust" in private parts. In cold areas majority of ladies do not wear because they say little chances of getting bacteria or fungus is limited.  These organisms thrive best in areas with little to no fresh air and hot areas to the underwear organization. (Its website is www.underpantsrun.org).

Most men also try to elongate their manhood sizes by going without minding the nature. Men think that when it's hanging it adds height and it's the way to go on the bed. Lack of fresh and enough ventilation maximizes the chances of getting privacy skin diseases.  Having safe and free underpants makes even better processing of semen and spermatozoon. 

The majority of men are not able to father because of inadequate mechanisms of getting it on the course.  Fewer and weak sperms make it hard for the partner to get paged.  To conceive needs strong and enough sperms to float inside. They are created and become active at room temperature. 

Smelling underpants causes.
Ladies do so because most of them produce fluid at slightly above room temperature.  So to minimize the slime liquid they prefer not to wear anything.  Others have their motives especial s3x workers. When they are working at night, they reduce undressing speed. This action maximizes the profit due to minimum customer disturbance.
Others have an odor and sweat a lot. Because of that, the tend to skip the tragedy of having smelling underpants. The use of Rawlins, skin drier and lotion sometimes messes up everything and make matters worse. 

Embarrassment and discrimination are what people don't like and decide to throw tight underpants. 

What are the doctors saying about moving up and down without underwear. The recommended practice is wearing lousy and makes the parts receive enough ventilation especially for men, at least maintain room temperature. This horrible underwear is spaced to make air penetrate to the inner parts.

Nyeri county provided horrible underpants to the primary school children boys to make them at least have an equal right to the girls who get pads. The county government decided to do that because of jiggers infections. The area was affected by jiggers and they were infecting the young children. The same problem also affected much in Kirinyaga county in the same region. The underpants used will enable them to evade the jiggers pandemic which is dangerous especial when they get a chance in the private parts.

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