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Willy Paul congratulated Groove awards organisers for eliminating him with his fellow Bahati.

He was eleiminated from the Groove awards .
Gospel artist congratulated the organisers of the groove awards for eliminating him and the other gospel musician Bahati. In a church rally in Nairobi wily paul refuted the claims that they engaged in a fight with Bahati that made Bahati surrendered for a while in the entertainment industry.

Willy Paul also urged the church clergy to support the gospel industry as it show the way to the almighty. He was accompanied by his colleagues who did a collaboration in the song called take it slow. This collaboration had several critics in the gospel industry as the collaboration was with the secular artist and international peace ambassadors Sauti Sol.

The controversial gospel artist was eliminated from the list of the Groove awards because of not following what God is supposed to do and be a role model in the industry. The allegedly silently  married willy Paul had a time in the church when he was ambushed with questions especially from the fans who wanted to know the whereabouts of the artist next year.

According to the organisers of the awards, they said for someone now to qualify must be ready to follow the bible and establish a good record in the church. These revised evangelical rules started this year and it will be a mandate for the ones who wants to be featured to follow or else will be kicked out of the industry forever unless otherwise.

But according to willy Paul, the only thing to do is looking for ways of spreading gospel rather than looking for means to win awards. God is to be praised and it is through deferent approaches like music, so it's only music will inspire people rather than having awards.  These words used to encourage those who were eliminated from the Groove awards which is planned to be done at the end of the year.

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