Hate speech maker and kenyas trouble maker Moses kuria, identified.

CORD leader Raila  Odinga has come out to condemn the words that Moses Kuria said in a rally in Kasarani Stadium. The CORD fraternity has really rebuked the abusive and hate speech that was uttered at the Kasarani. The NCIC chairman Francis Ole Kaparo also ordered the Inspector general of Police Joseph Boinett to take an immediate action. The steps also were seconded by some members of Jubilee who also condemned the speech by Kuria.  They also urged that the actions and talks that violate people's choice will affect the country especial in the coming forthcoming general elections.

Bahati Member of parliament Kimani Ngunjiri also cited the Nakuru people to evict the Luo community in the area as he said they destroy the area and pose a threat to natives.  The hate speech made by the member of parliament also raised the political temperature around the area. These speeches were directed to the opposition because of their actions against the IEBC commissioners.

President Uhuru Kenyatta nominated a committee of twenty Members of parliament to settle the IEBC matters with their counterparts. The president also added that the actions that are being taken by the opposition bring down the economy of the country. The committee will have to bring to halt all the grievances aired by the people from the opposition and their supporters by next week Friday. The team that president nominated is led by Meru Senator Kiraitu Murungi.

The Church leaders also contributed to the IEBC stalemate saying that Dialogue will be the only way to go. In speaking at East African pentecostal church headquarters, bishop Jembe also urged the government to follow the best way to solve the tassel instead of waiting for chaos next year's general elections. In conjunction with other bishops from the different denomination and international congregation visitors, they urged people to stay calm and stop spreading rumours and hate speech through social media. They also added that the plot to kill the opposition leader Raila Odinga will make the country unstable and bring back the lack of democracy.

The speech that Moses addressed to people was delivered in vernacular (Kikuyu) and this is what he said in the rally “No emenyerere, ona mbembe no arie, tutigutorio thinaine ni mundu umue. Na arie mbembe tumuthike jumatatu  iria ingi, maikie mahiga wiki imwe na Kenya ithii na mbere . Okoruo ni haro me kwenda niyo me kuona. Mwire raila ona mbembe no arie na thii ihore na tuthii na no menda thayu moke tuarie tuikare wega IEBC yenda guthii ithii okoruo tii uguo mathii ma kiumaga.”

Meaning (in English)“…he (Raila) should be careful because he can still bite the bullet. We won’t be troubled by one person forever. He can as well bite the bullet and we bury him next Monday. His protesters will throw stones for just one week and life continues".

As the Bana Kenya team went around to collect people views, it was noted that majority of Kenyans want Moses Kuria and his counterpart Kimani Ngujiri to be jailed because they will inhibit the peace talks and the IEBC issues. The majority of Kenyans also urge the president to kick Kuria out of the committee he nominated to facilitate talks with the opposition committee led by Siaya Senator James Orengo. Most people we met on the street were furious and angry with the Raila Odinga assassination claims after the same speech allegations were made by interior cabinet secretary Joseph Nkaiserry. Does this mean some people are above the law? It is not the first time that leaders are using the abusive and discriminative speeches in Kenya.

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