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Boy child discrimination makes him in danger for s£xual abuse from the adults.

What men do to young boys in local villages are on the rise than in Cities.

Sodomization is now a new chapter in the African men. Men now eat fellow men because of moral deterioration. Young boys are now in the extinct on the moral behaviors as the elders are only targeting girl child. The majority of cases shift from girl child rights infringement to boy child. People have forgotten the boy child rights and empowering the women forgetting that men will be the leaders of tomorrow in their households. The trend of discriminating the boy child led to the trend od sodomizing the children.

In Mombasa alone 150 cases of boys being abused were reported. In the Gender Based areas in Nairobi reported 254 cases in the last one year. The trend and percentage increase day by day. Most of these cases are from teachers who use the boys as a tool to satisfy themselves as women nowadays they say are materialistic. It only a chocolate or biscuit will make this child be in the private area as suggested by the giver. Three teachers were arrested in Tana river for seducing children and denying their rights. These Madrasa teachers were found to have s£xual relationships with children in the Holy places.

The UNICEF data shows Africa is leading with denying children rights as it abuses and infringe the areas of making the children benefit.Cases of teachers dating their pupils are also on the rise especial in public schools. Kilifi county has suspended more that four teachers in misbehaving and children s£xual harassment this year. Now if some count that if each county could suspend at least a single teacher against children rights,then it means in a year at least 47 pupils will be sodomized. This is just a random and approximate figure but in the real sense double the number of counties is students who always cry against their teachers.

This problem in connection has affected majorly along the coast of Kenya. The tourist business has turned to be a sour business that made people along the coast to think twice about the benefit of foreigners in the country. The first example is the town of Ukunda in Kwale county at the south coast. Small children under the age of 18 move to the beach looking for the white people and termed it as "Zare". The young girls and boys expose themselves and make them vulnerable to s£xual harassment and explicit moves that rendered them regret in their lives. The small town now is a habitat for the foreigners who come to Kenya for s£x and other activities that are illegal in Kenya.

This flesh business is trending in the coast as it is the source of Money for the families. Poverty lines rendered these young girls to look for school fees. Boys are also exploited by older white women who take them for granted and explore more as the boys loose their s£xual energy in the young age. In the olden days, hotels were the source of the business but recently it's the villas and cottages that are occupied for the business. Trashy methods also were invented as even some ladies use the sacred forests to accomplish the missions. This type of exploitation is against the world children laws and even the children rights from the constitution.

Another town that the business is booming is especial the big booty girls, is Mtwapa. Mtwapa is Kilifi sub-hub and the 24-hour town in Kilifi. The majority of ladies move to the clubs, act pornography content in the clubs like Kendas, Lollipop, and FunFan. The clubs take young age girls to dance with semi-clothes  for a pay. This mode of exploitation is done by the business people to gain much and attract more customers while leaving the ladies still in poverty state by paying them peanuts. Mtwapa is a multi-cultured and a metropolitan town that is habitat for foreigners and other tribes in Kenya.

The major town with the business of foreigners with natives engaging is Malindi. Malindi town is a major town for the Italians who have villas, mansionettes, and Cottages. The child- foreigners exchange is booming with most of the Italians loving it. Most of the children in the town know the Italian language which makes it easy to negotiate with the whites. Many children have dropped out of schools to look what they say "Zare" and taken to either Italy or stay in their villas for pay.

It was also indicated that some schools have a large percentage of the pupils suffering from HIV. The early s£x in schools is now common especial for children who are between the age of 10-17 years. It was even seen that others drop out of schools either to get married or to do prostitution. The areas which are mainly affected are the major towns of western and Nyanza followed by Central region.

Now it is upon to the county governments to make sure their people are safe from these life intruders which destroy their children future and at the same time infect children with deadly diseases at a young age.

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