Brexit real after election impacts.

The elections which happened last week that led to the exit of  Britain from the European Union has many impacts. The native British now discriminates other people from different countries. This action shows that the Brexit results had a hidden agenda. The main agenda for the Brexit is that most of the Britons did not have enough employment opportunities. The shocking results are that 70% of the voters who voted for exit were old people who are above 55 years old. Brexit is now a tool for the colonialists to discriminate others across the world.

The London mayor Sadiq Khan has been astonished by how the other Muslims are being treated by being sent abusive messages to their mobile phone or even in charts and posters urged to back to their respective countries. Mr. Khan is the first Muslim leader to lead London which is the major and versatile economy hub in the world. It's the gateway to other developed countries across Europe. The majority of Muslims from east London are mistreated and it started just immediately after the announcement of the results last week. It looked like the main agenda was to kick out the immigrants but it was not having limited employment opportunities in the country.

The majority of the people from Poland, china, and Africa also got the exit messages from the British territory. Brexit results are much diverse in terms of deporting all non-Britons across the nation to their respective countries. The American presidential aspirant Donald Trump welcomed the move by the British citizens to deport the Non-British and immigrants. The American businessman also welcomed the way Britain did in terms of exiting from the European Union.  The England prime minister will down tools due the pressure offered by the Britons coming October this year. Many people are suggesting the former London mayor Boris Johnson take the throne from the current British prime minister David Cameron. 

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