Who is better between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

What the American politician Donald trump sayings is like a Deadpool trying to use WhatsApp web. Donald Trump is targeting over 11 million American immigration to be deported to their respective countries. The other American presidential aspirant Hillary Clinton dismissed the thoughts of Trump on  a forum held at a Mission school in Sylmar, Califonia. The Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke and dismissed the statements made by her counterpart and called the immigrants to vote for her and will  fight for them by all means. She was addressing immigrants at an immigration forum.

Trump behaviour of discriminating the blacks and forgetting himself as a British, not an American Native, left many supporter contrasted him as Powerball. The continuous deportation campaign done by the Presidential aspirant hit with a lot of criticism.  The criticism is mainly from the immigrants including the POTUS Obama family and other black American who can trace their way to their homes. Former American Bill Clinton did not have to think of moving immigrants out as he contributed more and more who are willing to be citizens and to build America to where it is now.

The way Donald Trump is planning to secure the presidential seat will give a chance to Hillary Clinton. How Donald Trump is taking the politics like a prince in a royal family will make him suffer in politics. The American businessman who takes immigrants like snap chat software which can be downloaded and started immediately is a big freaky No.  "For the sake of the Super power, selfish leaders will not lead America like leading a premier League", Once said Martin Luther King. This could be true in some way. The California residents will vote in their democratic primaries on June 7th and are expecting the largest number of delegates of up to 548. Which Hillary Clinton is  is up for grab as the majority of them are immigrants.

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