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Food of shame between Raila and Moses Kuria,CORD supporters say its Disgracing the opposition.

HAte speech unites Kenya. So killings also united the country.

Moses Kuria, Raila Odinga,Aisha Jumwa and other members of the two major parties decided to share food at a Nairobi hotel. The action which the former prime minister say is uniting Kenyans. The CORD supporters said that it was a disgrace to the party and a betrayal to the core supporters. They also urged the CORD leader refrain from associating with the jubilee foot soldiers and the heck roamer mongers of the government party.

The Fans also added that history tells a lot than what the were doing with the jubilee party officials. The history of the two tribes suggests that the friendship between the two will pave a way for the government to continue ruling.

Jaramogi Oginga Odinga and Ronald Ngala lost to Mzee Jomo Kenyatta because of sympathy and faith. The two leaders lost the governance after Kenyatta got into power and frustrated the ones who struggled to put him to power. The same thing happens when Raila Odinga son of Jaramogi said Kibaki Tosha after the former president Daniel Moi announced to retire from politics. Hon. Raila Odinga also was frustrated and intimidated with the actions  that Kibaki did after he was elected to be the president of Kenya.

"So the Hon. Raila Odinga should refrain from the counterparts in the government if he wants to win in the general election." a CORD supporter said in Kibera. Mr. Oduor Alfred who leads a support youth group in Lower Nyakach said that the sharing meal is also a disgrace to those who were killed during the anti-IEBC demonstrations.

The heat concerning IEBC has reduced due to divided attention of the police as now the terror groups which make the country unstable now are planning to bomb some parts of Kenya mainly along the Coast and Nairobi in this holy month of Ramadhan. The police now are focusing on the issues regarding the Kenyan security against Alshabaab. A committee also created to spearhead the talks to evacuate the electoral body.

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