Steps to make skin not ageing. This is a face of an old man.
The majority of people are looking for a way of treating skin not to be aged. There are traditional methods which make the skin light and durable. It takes to 60 plus years to see the start of wrinkles. Live without wrinkles this youthful age.  Treat your skin makes it tender in case of women and restores happiness in bed just by the use of natural products.

It is very simple and in the simplest ways possible. The products are; Milk, raw eggs,  Avocados,  honey, and lemons. All these are available even in your nearest supermarket or vegetable market.
The process is as follows;  Scrub the place with normal temperature water or sometimes warm water. Mix the milk, raw eggs and honey in a bowl. Stir till it becomes a thick and viscous compound.  Wait for 10 minutes and add the other components.  After the ten minutes, add a lemon juice as you stir. Take another bowl, add the Avocados. Squeeze them until they become soft or you may use a blender to make it a thick juice. Add the avocado to the other mixture while stirring with lemon juice. When the mixture is full and soft, keep it for thirty minutes for saturation.

The application of the mixture in the body makes your skin tender and lovely. The mixture can be applied to all the body areas. The method of application is very simple.  The first one is, taking the mixture to specific areas and smear for 2-5 minutes. Or use warm water of about 3 litres, add the mixture in the basin with warm water and take a shower. Then wait for 2 -5 minutes before take a normal shower to overcome the egg odour.

The process can be repeated every day for a period of a week and see the results.  Your body skin will be so smooth and lovely. This method ensures the skin feeds properly from the nutrients.  It is not bleaching skin but making it nice without pimples or rashes. The colour remains as it is. It also prevents people from boils and other skin diseases.  It's the best method especially for albinos who have skin problems. It's advisable to feed the epidermis with natural compounds.It is great when the process is repeated four times in a year to make the skin be young and not ageing.  This is the best way of using natural elements than using chemicals.  These chemicals bleach and damage the skin layers.  This action of using chemicals may result in giving out skin cancer.

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