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How you celebrated fathers day matters alot in someones life.Extend your lifespan in this world by celebrating parents.

How was the parents day(Fathers' day)?
Fathers' day is a way great way of celebrating what our fathers do in the community and actual bring the cohesion representation across the family. The main difference between Fathers day and Mothers Day is the way women make it shines while fathers doom. Celebrating what the parents did is the nice way to add the value of friendship to the parents. How did you celebrate the fathers day? Here is an outline of what needs to celebrated on fathers. If you did as such or in any point then that was marvellous.

The greatest commandment in the religion is respect your parents as your days will be increased. Parents are like second god.They can curse or bless and as well define the type of life you will live. Respecting needs to be a usual thing and sometimes you can remind them by defining what you do and how you respect them. Especial these days of celebration.(Fathers and Mothers).


Surprising parents can be a good way of making them be motivated with with your deeds and bless you unknowingly. For example, the on fathers day, surprise you father with a nice suit or a give that will never forget. Avoid things that people will eat and forget. Something like cakes or any type of foodstuff. Giving him a tangible item is more likely to remember and bless always he is interacting with it.


Actions speak louder than words. People forget that not only in celebration and holidays give parents presents. Remembering parents in all manners can make it much better in their spirit compared to waiting for holidays. A gift will be accepted and much blessed if its a routine. The only difference to make in a holiday is to surprise the one who is intended to during that season or holiday. Brothers day just surprise the brothers and same applies to sisters days, children's, Mothers and any other.

How did you celebrate the fathers day yesterday? Hope you made a such difference in the parenting lifestyle. Also parents should accept no matter the size and cost, getting a gift is a blessing even from GOD. Not just you want to be seen you have provided a gift but giving it whole heartily. Have a positive Surprise to your parents
and you days will be much longer than what you expect. How did you celebrate the fathers day?

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