Comments of the turkish president and South Korea in Kenya.

 The Kenya Defence forces (KDF) in Somali added support to the soldiers at the borders. More KDF soldiers were taken to the Kenya-Somali border to enhance security. According to the sources at the defense and Ulinzi(Security) house in Nairobi, more soldiers are as well being taken to the borders to aid the repatriation process. According to the internal security cabinet secretary retired major Joseph Nkaiserry, the KDF soldiers will assist in moving the refugees and secure the borders.

"The KDF soldiers will have a mandate of protecting the nation from the borders", the cabinet secretary said. Presidents from Turkey and South Korea who came to add their effort on moving out the refugee also provided a procedure to be taken against the skimmers who will be found when the process starts. The Kenyan government is trying to transport more than fifty thousand refugees by the end of August.

The international organization which is dealing with refugees UNHCR also sent its officials to look for the process and advice where necessary. The refugee council was against the move of Kenyan government closing the largest refugee camps in the world as they said it was against human rights.  It came to light that the camps provided a threat to the Kenyan citizens as it is the only safe haven for the terrorists to plan missions and destroying the peacefully country.

The defense cabinet secretary Rachel Omamo  together with her counterpart international affairs cabinet secretary ambassador Amina Mohamed agreed that the process will be done this year and by December this no refugees will be in this country. The international community will have to assist us in any case of having the refugees in this country. These powerful statements were also echoed by the Turkish  president Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan who as well blocked the entrances and borders aginst the Syrian refugees in Europe.

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