MRC is Back in Coast region with a new slogan.

Mombasa republican council (MRC) is now regrouping according to the coast region police bosses. According to them, theMRC outlawed group is busy looking forward to disrupting the next years general elections. Coast region coordinator Nelson Marwa urged all the county bosses to be alert due to the threat. MRC is an outlawed group which the government banned from conducting meetings and oaths. The group has a slogan of "PWANI SI KENYA" which is real legal to the security of the nation.

The group is expected to take effect fully at the end of the year so police should take maximum precautions against any groups found to be gathered without necessary permits along the coast. The group which had a lot of influence in 2011-14 which made people along the coast not voted in the 2013 elections which led to a low number of votes from the CORD stronghold.

The MRC group is placed together with other groups like 40 brothers, Kaya Bombo and Mungiki as the most tribal and blood groups. The MRC group which is led by Omar Mwamunuadzi is now trying to regroup and the police urge them people along the coast not to donate or fund raise to the outlawed group as they leash themselves with the funds and squander them for political gain. The police also urged to report any activities done by the group at the nearest police stations.

Mombasa republican council (MRC) with their slogan of  "Pwani si Kenya" is a criminal group which now is rearranging to persecute and empty people and at the same time deny local people a sense of owning government. They make the people to through their votes as its the only way of participating in constitutional rights and political satisfaction. Mombasa and Kwale are the counties majorly found the group rejoining for the next years general elections. These are the hotbeds of the MRC and police are on high alert on any issue risen from the group.

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