Lets united and support HIV infected people or those who show symptoms should not be isolated.

What is the importance of the Femi plan in the families?  The way people are using the method is really contradicting because of its shocking reveal. The drugs have been recently used to make illicit brews and other illegal contents.  Now the latest trends are that they are used by primary level pupils to protect them against unwanted pregnancies and at which the Kisumu county leads in Kenya.

Pupils in school do not worry about getting AIDS and any other s£xually transmitted diseases but only worried about dropping school due to early pregnancies. This method shows that there is a lot of bad manners at the primary level which makes them feel unprotected. The ways of approaching the femi-plan to the primary kids should be changed and allow them to focus on education but not s3x. According to the AIDS council, the western and Nyanza regions are heading the other regions in terms of the rate of infection. They also indicated that more girls in those regions are prone to early pregnancies and contracting s£xually transmitted diseases.

Bana news went to the ground and collected some information regarding the allegations of parents being stressing the usage of the family drugs to their loved ones. Mary Onyango is a resident in Kondele in Kisumu county who narrated how the parents influence their girls in the use of the planning tabs and injections. "The majority of parents do not want their girls to drop out of school and they make all means and ways to secure their minds and bodies in getting early pregnancies. Many parents opt to take their children to hospitals to have injections as it will save them from the early mother burden. The girls are let to the world for it to teach them and have as much pleasure as possible with forgetting that there is AIDS."

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