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President Uhuru Kenyatta addresses at Afraha stadium the achievements of Jubilee in the past 900days of power in Madaraka day.

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Deputy president told the opposition to follow the constitution enacted in 2010. He said " The opposition will hold the meeting at the Uhuru park, the judiciary gave them permission to hold the rally.Now it's the opposition to bear with the situation as it is the same court which denied them not to protest against IEBC".  The president also seconded his colleague Deputy president for the legalisation of the CORD rally. The president in Jokes said "Wenzetu wako huko, acha nisome hii alfu tubonge baadaye" meaning "The opposition is in the city,let me read this and talk later".

According to the IPSOS polls, the president is leading for being a good leader by 45 percent compared to the opposition leader with 30 percent. The president has a good PR and many people are willing to take him back as the president of Kenya for the second round. He also interacts with ordinary Kenyan in a unique way compared to other presidents who led the country.

He is also the first president to wear the armoured clothes and presidential soldier combat. The president also said in the Madaraka day celebration that the government has fought for foolish, starvation and bad politics. The president also urged that the country should not be going back like what happened in the post-election violence happened in 2007/8. The chaos is what made the Kenyans enacted the covenant in 2010 to have better laws to govern the country.

The Kenya youth is intelligent and women more vibrant intolerance and feeding the nation. The women also have had a good rapport with the heroes which fought for the independence. The government is mandated to make sure that youths and women are the most targeted to bring and make the country go forward as they are the next generation leaders.

The laptop project and tablets to the children as it was our mandate. This action will bring a new generation in the coming years as it will connect all our children to the globe or outside world.The 600,000 children were connected to the modern project in the last few months.The number will rise by the end of the year to 1.2 million children.

The government has also succeeded to tarmac 3000km of roads in the past 900days since the jubilee comes to power and other 1200km to be built in the next few days. The government will also build more roads and enhance infrastructure before going to elections. The agricultural sector has also been boosted by a large percent of the areas which had difficulties and suffered a lot in poverty and lack of water now is settled.

The government has brought 22000 schools and 2 Million people to power and the government is planning to bring electricity to every household in Kenya by 2020. The Kenya Power company was instructed by the energy ministry to deliver services and connect to all households at a small fee of sh. 15,000.

The jubilee government has offered  2.4 million title deeds across Kenya. The majority of the title deeds were given to  the Central Kenya and rift valley region. The land commission was given the mandate to establish all the problems that are under way in the land settlement and resettlement.

The government has closed the refugee camps.Kenya is taken first as its citizens are the ones who own and demand to be safe. The international community should be reasonable as we have hosted refugees from Uganda, Rwanda, S.Sudan, Somalia and Burundi. Now the refugees will have to stay with  as a safe haven

The president has issued a statement on the month of Ramadhan for the Muslims that Dates will be free from importation duty in the next two months and there will be no tax for the importation of dates from Asia. This month will be a holy month for the Muslims to pray for the country and its obligations.

The government has decided to have 2 out the 3 nationals  to be held out of Nairobi. The other Mashujaa national day will be held at Machakos on 20th October while Nairobi will be on 12th December for Jamhuri day.

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