Dadaab camp in Kenya used by Somali refugees for 25 years now.
Somalia government clears the air on the issue of refugees.  The Somalia president ... said that the refugees will be treated with care and thanking Kenya for hosting them. The government has planned $250million to the repatriation programme. Each of the refugees will get something to start with as they look for more donors.
The president said after he visited the refugee camp in Daadab. The president also added that there will be a maximum support to the ones who lost properties and loved ones in the last twenty-five years. The Dadaab refugee camp existed in the last twenty-five years. It has supported different individuals from Ethiopia and Somalia. The camp was established by the UNHCR and it was under it.

The international community is against the move for the repatriation as they claim it infringe human rights. Some countries beefed up the process by assisting the government to evacuate the refugees.  The turkey president offered maximum support because they have the same problem with refugees from Syria and other Arabia countries borders turkey.

The Kenya government has announced that they will have to do the process in the support of international community.  The comments from other United Nation member countries showed that the majority of them are against the programme.  The Kenya government is willing to work with the Somalia government to make the process successful.  The support from these governments will enable the refugees be in a better position in life despite the difficulty circumstances. 

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