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THE CORD ultimatums took their members back to the police chambers again yesterday for more days.

Hide and seek games played by Jubilee government.
The government is playing hide and seek games with the opposition. The use of force in the talks against IEBC from the government shows that there is something fishy with the commissioners.  Yesterday the police department realised some members of the opposition but later they were taken back due to the CORD leader speech. The police now want CORD leader to write a statement on the things he pointed them out of from the statement.

At Muthaiga police station,  the CORD leader said that if the other members will not be out then something will happen.  He issued an ultimatum of the next 24 hrs. The information did not get out clear on what to happen next as well as what will happen after the completion of the period.  The police returned them to custody with the other members of CORD. Just waiting to see what will happen next.

The police stations where the hate speech speakers were screwed in they are crowded by police officers with tanks and armoured vehicles ready for what the former prime minister said. Testing the waters of jubilee government is like playing with a rat whole a cat is just watching.  The true colours of the government are now depicted to the opposition.

People have extended the DISCUSSION today and said it's the only way to making opposition dumb and retain the IEBC commissioner because they have already paid them for the next year's elections. Through the detention, the jubilee GOVERNMENT has acted like the old governments who detained political leaders. The government has not issued any statement regarding the matters the opposition is experiencing. The CORD party has planned a series of meeting to overcome the challenge from their political allies.  The statement issued will really embarrass the government. The jubilee critics say that it's one way of the government to fall down with a thud the coming elections.

CORD members will spend another day behind bars and jubilee members plan to get out of police station.

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