Kilifi youth are warned against killing elders for witchcraft allegations.

The first day i had of the witchcraft was in the last decade. The Witchcraft i thought was another craft to carry people across the board through the air like aircraft but maybe the company decided to give it a different name. Oooh! i was not further from the truth about this shocking craft. I had to visit some areas where they say these crafts are rampant. Coast region and Western region are the most affected areas in witchcraft while Eastern region acting as the source of the belief. Most of these areas they also believe in cults and atheism as way of being religious neutral.

I visited Kilifi county where the grandfathers killings are most common. Miss  Kadzo one of the people from Marafa village in Malindi took me to some areas where the real crafts happen. It was at night, a scary night, only i could heard the voices of  owls and squirrels. We went close to Hells Kitchen to see how the crafts work. An old man at that night came and asked if we were lost and needed some help. Yes indeed, we needed some help. So he asked where we were coming from and what we wanted that night. Getting a know someone at midnight is really scary and it takes only confidence and effort to explain yourself.

We were taken to a small hut and told us to close our eyes so that we can see how the crafts work. Within a very short time we found ourselves in bed. The beds in a hotel that i used to sleep before i started the journey to the village. Shocking we were without clothes. It was like a dream, of course a real superstitious jet which can travel at unlimited speed.

What is the main reason that youth in those areas kill grandfathers because of underground powers and they make people travel faster?  Miss Kadzo said, "The unlimited speed we experience that night is the same speed they get to people houses and strangle families and even sometimes kill them." The anti-grandfather killing campaign is real true in this area. Old people are spared if they don't pose a suspicious behaviour to the youth. Majority of them were taken to the traditional forests shrines to stay by the community based Organisations and humanitarian organisations.

The majority of the elders are urging the government to assist them in getting out of the mess. The Malindi OCPD Makwama Muchangi told us that youth are always educated the importance of elders in the community and urge them if they have any suspicious activities on the elders to report them to police for further actions. The OCPD added that people should not take action on their own as there no article in the constitution that is taking about getting someones' life without having the proper procedure of the law. The grandfathers life now is in the hands of their gods.

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