Israel prime minister with President Kenyatta at statehouse.[Image/PSCU]
President Kenyatta with Israel the prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.[Image/PSCU]

East African Muslim society and clergy urged the government not to dwell much on the Israel prime minister trip and promises. The first of the nations across the world, Israel prime minister benjamin Netanyahu said will interact with the East African governments as the terrorists target the market due to the loyalty of its citizens.  Most of the anti-jews in east Africa condemn the visit and said it adds the Jewish rule in other countries. They also urge that let them finish the fight in the middle east with Palestine and now build relationships. The small country is preparing a fight with Hezbollah in the middle east.

The Kenya Muslims all condemned the agreements that were signed between the Israel nation with President Kenyatta at state house saying that it will create a state of confrontation between the people of Israel and Kenya. In Mombasa, the Mombasa senator Omar Hassan Sarai said that it was not good for the government to participate in the building the nation with the Israels.

Israel has helped the government of Kenya with Agricultural projects and training of its agricultural experts. It also helped in the joint agricultural practise at Galana-Kulalu irrigation scheme in Tana river.  The Prime minister also urged that his government will provide six hundred slots of experts to go to Israel to learn how to have good agricultural practices and enhance the economy.

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