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Plotting to kill ODM members who refused to join Jubilee in the Jubilee strongholds.

Uhuru Kenyatta in a past function in Nairobi. Image: Nation Media
President Kenyatta in a past function in Nairobi. Image: Nation Media

It is so astonishing as the members of ODM in the government stronghold are now being monitored their deeds by the government. A strong warning was given to the leaders of the opposition in Rift valley and Central regions that they must join the government party whether they like it or not. A section of the Mt. Kenya Maffia is now targeting the opposition leaders from the community to eliminate them in politics.Simultaneously, the jubilee party leaders are persuading members of parliament to join the party or consolidate their parties in the jubilee umbrella. The most affected party is ODM with now a huge number of moles and sycophants who abandon their party for the government's party.

According to the bana sources, the section is targeting members of the opposition as to streamline the area with one part. It has been seen that most of the members in the area are resigning as ODM or CORD supporters and leave the posts vacant in the CORD mashinani offices. The strategy is believed to make the two regions purely jubilee party zone and waiting as well to look for the other regions if the jubilee will get some votes. This is politics of tomorrow that the government is looking for. The vision of the jubilee is to rule for the next fifteen years.

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