Maestro Olomide Chaos and scandals and Relationships. Photo: George

Koffi Olomide disastrous month is the month of July. Koffi had a rape case in Kinshasa, kicking his dancer at the Jomo Kenyatta international Airport in Kenya, banned in the KICC show,deported back to DRC and banned to host a show in Zambia. The problems he landed on this month were huge and rendered him be admitted to a hospital in Kinshasa yesterday.

The notorious old man Antoine Christophe Agbepa Mumba also known as Maestro Koffi Olomide, who aged 60 years is a problematic artist who was banned in France for allegedly raping and molesting fans. The famous Lingala artist is also allegedly to a member of Illuminati cult. Kofi Olomide chaos started when he argued with his dancers as one of them was seducing his lover. Maestro  decided to leave that man behind forgetting the trip to Kenya had carried one who also was seducing one his dancers. Koffi Got angry and kicked the mole.

Koffi Olomide now in a hospital in Kinshasa, trying to cool down his pressure and get medication. The hot-tempered and randy Musician has three wives and unlimited number of others who is sponsoring. At that age, he is still running for more and more while preventing other intruders from accessing his small and sponsored mules.

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