Hot ladies now trying to get and lured  boys.
"Sponsors" who lure youngmen with Money.  [Photo: courtesy of facebook]
Quails and masters are now looking forward to having many people as possible. Rich people who are called "sponsors" are now in you nearest town. It was noted that in major towns are only where these people will find them contrarily to today's world of technology. Mombasa big booty, Kisumu big and humongous booty together with Nairobi hot ladies are now luring young men aged 20-30 years of age.

The "sponsors" are now looking forward to moving to small towns where young people are still naive. Paulina from Mombasa said to the bana sources that she single and need some hot blood to do it hard and make her feel like in heaven. She also added," Old men are now cold and they do it once and get to sleep, personally, need to be f@ck*d hard till my bone marrow sways".

Another "Sponsor" who owns a clearing and forwarding firm in Jomvu also said, " I don't want to be married, I already have my two children but the only thing I'm missing is hard f@ck from young men. I took a form four leaver who was a bodaboda and spoiled him with goodies and he is doing it good in bed. I fed him with all necessary nutrients to poor it on me in bed." This is the shocking revelation of the old and hot s£xy ladies who have suggestive and adorable nature do to young men, school dropouts and high school leavers.

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