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Why CORD foot soldiers are being target by government to be silenced on the Anti-IEBC demos.

CORD foot soldiers targeted by the governmnent to silence their views against IEBC.

Machakos Senator Hon Johnstone Muthama will not stop vomiting the discriminative words which he spits to the people across the nation. Muthama is following the footsteps of Hon Moses Kuria who is used to the hate speech. The CORD is now in the limelight with constant hate speech from leaders in the party. Maybe the leaders have not differentiated between free speech and hate speech. The compromise of Hon Ababu Namwamba and other members of the Luhya community give rise to the Government popularity in the western region.

The CORD team went to Machakos for a rally to welcome the their CORD friend Muthama after he was arrested for hate speech. Before he goes home after being arrested for hate speech, he made another hate speech in western and will be arrested again. The national cohesion commission led by the former speaker Francis Ole Kaparo said that the Senator will be held again for further investigations.

The fracas in the party is happening as it is close to the general elections while more members are joining other parties. The foot soldiers of the party are being target by government  to be silenced. The IEBC talks now have disappeared to bring forward the hate speech thing that will end up with another link to hide the CORD chaos against the anti-IEBC monday protects.

This is the message Raila posted on his facebook page during Muthama Machakos homecoming.

I joined other CORD leaders in accompanying Senator Johnstone Muthama as he made his first visit to Machakos since his unwarranted incarceration.
We condemned hate speech as well as the use of state machinery to curtail free speech. We raised deep concerns about the resurgence of death squads in the Kenya Police Service and call upon the Minister for Interior and the Inspector General of Police to take responsibility for the same.
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