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A new s3xy bootylicious which make men salivate and "Kula kwa macho".

A new socialite who made men go mad.

A new s3xy and a hungry-eyed chick around from Nairobi. Now the trend has changed from clubs to inviting men in ladies bashes or talks for lungula. The ladies went for swimming and needed some men for hard f@k. They thought to advertise themselves will be much better. For there humongous big booty.This is the new Miss Big Booty Kenya.

These ladies posted these photos on Facebook as a new strategy of being an upcoming socialite. Mary is so cool and loving you may even turn ten times to see the booty. I thought of joining them in the pool party.

This the only one who has been seen to have all manners. She is cute and well behaved.The Majority of them are not responsible and have no respect but for this one is different.  Not a bad girl to get her home.

Mombasa Team Mafisi swag their tails for this lady.
Mary has worked had to find the true-hearted man but it seemed to me disappointed.  #TeamMafisi has it all for this lady and how she confuses men with her big booty. She outshined all of them who were in the party and leave #Mafisi salivate.

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