President Kenyatta signs the interest rate bill.
President Uhuru Kentatta signs the bank lending rates bill. The bill which was taken to the president yesterday took a different route.  The jubilee members said that the lowering of the bank lending rates was a promise made by the party.

The majority leader Adan Duale echoed the thoughts of signing the bill. The president signed the bill today which will lower the banks and microfinance interest rates to close to five percent.  The initiative of lowering the rates will enable more Kenyans to take loans and establish themselves. 

The Kenya bankers association has always demanded to have talks instead of enacting a bill. The bank representatives urged that they may even wind up there businesses due to low income. 

The banks are making billions of profits while the people are always taken for a ride. The common and ordinary person is exploited by banks hence others unable to pay and their little properties as well diminishes and vanish with the banks. 

The president has done good job for the common person which is not able to raise the interest required by banks. The jubilee manifesto has been actualised and now ready to take effect. This is a high relief to the citizens of this country.  It's also seen to be a political mileage for the president in the next general elections.

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