Marwa vowed to wipe out the outlawed groups in Mombasa.

Mombasa Kisauni crackdown rendered four people losing life in an abrupt Wakali Kwanza and Wakali wao crackdown. The dead were found to associate with the outrageous and outlawed groups of Kisauni Constituency.They found with sharp blades and hammers with traditional drinks that were associated with taking an oath to the banned group.

The crackdown happened at noon which covered the areas of Bakarani, Mlaleo, Soko Mjinga, Magogoni and Bamburi Mwisho. The two departments of police from Bamburi police base and Nyali combined efforts to combat the banned groups.

The two groups have been citing people on jihad and stealing from people especial those who go for perishable goods at Kongowea Market. The group as well is allegedly sucking women's breasts and  assaulting them. The gang was formed in 2013 and has been existence until today. It was formed as a security group known as "Sungusungu" which later camouflaged and recruited young people of 12-25 years and rebranded to WakaliKwanza and Wakali wao.

The gang had its headquarters at Digore close to the sub-county dog unit section in Mishomoroni. The former Mombasa county commissioner Mr. Nelson Marwa vowed to wipe the group if the children and their parents will not take responsibilities. Close to twenty members of the group have been buried and the police said they will continue until they will be done with the group. 

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