The African leaders are the ones always with lowest rank in the world of politics.  The only countries where the big and developed nations think it's the only ones are the G8 countries. Tanzania president John Pombe Maghufuli has been noted as the best president in the world in 2016.
The influencial and richest man in Politics is Raila Amollo Odinga.
Hon.Raila Odinga named as the most influential person in Africa. All these success was made from fighting for democracy and the citizens. Hon. Raila Odinga has been in the forefront fighting tribalism and democracy in Kenya and other African countries. 

The Tanzania president Hon. Dkt  John Pombe  was awarded the success by forbes and from the United nation for taking the Country much far only in one year.

The president has the ego and aim to take the country far compared to other presidents. Dkt Maghufuli knew the problems facing the country even before he was elected as the president. 

The last country and their president is Zimbabwe with Hon . Robert Mugabe. This country has been deteriorating since  the year 2000 and the country economy went down by 120% since then. The inflation made the country print the highest amount notes of upto 10 million  one note. This was done to curb the deficit of the current in the country.

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