Clinton outwing Trump in the recent poll study.

United States polling experts say that there is a likely rigging allegation in the coming general election. Tom Cruise who is an expert in American politics said that according to the wave of the Nation expertise in regards to the republican candidates led by Donald Trump, many Americans think that trump is an outrageous leader and may end the country into a mayhem of tribalism and racial segregation.

The POTUS Obama administration has backed up fully Democrats party Candidate Hillary Clinton for the white house race. Being a woman as well many of the voters thought that it will be much hectic as she will be the first women of 21th Century leading a super power country after Germany chancellor Angela Markel.

Donald Trump's allegations of rigging elections by the Democrats who are in government has made many people think twice about voting for him. Cruise said,"the Americans don't understand how the allegations will be implemented as its only in this country where we live in a sophisticated technology and really democratic. So trump blowing out trumpets of  rigging shows he does not have manners and talks a lot about insensitive issues rather than issues facing Americans"

Clintons Democratic party has risen by 40 percent after the convention. The former secretary of state has full support from the POTUS administration and that shows Trump will go down in the near months. "The Elections in the United States have been free and fair all those years and will remain fair because of the technology being used." says the political experts in the US.

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