Donald Trump death is a shock to the world unfortunately was in the social media.

Donald Trump allegedly death is controversial and the media was blocked on reporting the matter. The family was shocked to find that the presidential race candidate fell down and taken to hospital according to the social media posts. It is speculated that he had a high blood pressure and mainly from the past two weeks he was complaining on the pressure and back ache but it was not that too much for him to loose breathe. But the death speculation are false and were published to have him go down in politics according to experts.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been in a cat and a mouse race followed by the POTUS to Hillary stamp. Donald Trump shock came because of political misunderstanding in his Republican  party.

The Members of the his family and Republican are looking forward to see who started the death rumors and maybe open a file in court. It was also noted that the photos which went viral on the social media were photo-shopped. Donald Trump is yet to give out a statement of what happened as John McCain broke the ice on him yesterday. The POTUS vice president talked about the ill interests of the Republican contester against immigrants and American at large. McCain said that he full supports Hillary Clinton  in the presidential race.

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