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Tom Cholmondely delamere heir or the "Naivasha killer/butcher" is Dead at MP a Nairobi Hospital.

Soysambu ranch is where Tom conduct businesses.
Tom Cholmondeley who is the fifth heir of the Lord Delamere family died at MP shah hospital in Nairobi. The rogue son of the first British settlers in Kenya and husband to Sally Dudmesh died  during hip replacement surgery which rendered him losing breathe and died.

The 48 years old aristocrat which has claim lives of many people in their Delamere land in Thika also now followed the case. The famously called "butcher of Naivasha" has killed many Africans and God rest him in peace. The area residents got the news with joyful as the crude and killer also went down like others.The Naivasha, Thika and where the ranch is are praising God for what happened towards the demise of one of their own.

He killed a KWS ranger Samson ole Sisisna at Soysambu ranch in Naivasha but due to influence in the Kenyan Government, Tom was realised after eight months prison and the murder case ended.This happened in 2005 while 2006 he killed Robert Njoya because of trespassing in his ranch. The innocent man was killed and the case did not go anywhere as well. He spent eight months outside prison with rules and it was over. The man continued to butcher people in the area until his death yesterday.
Let his soul rest in peace and for the glory of GOD.

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