Jubilee party  inauguration has been successfully and  promised goodies that people doubted about them. It's emerged that the government has used billions of shillings to buy a house for a party.
The party has used ksh.  3 billions to facilitate the  party manifesto. The house was speculated to be 700 millions shillings. The comments about the latest speculation brought a lot of people to attention about the tax welfare. The amount of money that was used can feed the country for a whole month.
The jubilee government is also speculated for buying CORD supporters and leaders. It's also allegedly for buying 47 prados and other flashy staff for campaign next year.
This government of jubilee has not finished it's pledges  and the living standards kept on increasing as well. It will be fair to have them finish their term and as well finish the projects they started before giving them another term.

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