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Namwamba disappeared because his savings are finished.

Who is ababu namwamba? The one on the picture.
Hon.Ababu Namibia used his money from the little saving he has made. He has disappeared with his third force. The Budalangi member has been swept by the floods of JAP. 

He came out clearly on the issue about the ODM departure and that was his final appearance.  The man who sometimes back stuck on Raila Odinga as the president during the swearing in claimed that the ODM leader betrayed him.
The former ODM secretary general came back to the public after he was seen babysitting at home. Hon. Ababu vision if destroying CORD, foiled and fell with a thud.

He came to Coast region to look if people will agree with his ambition but unfortunately he got a rejection.  The claimed Orange born blood changed his 2007 decision where he vowed to walk with Raila and moved on  like a child and decided to start  third force.

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