President Kenyatta at Lanet barracks.

The majority of Kenyans are frustrated by the ongoing scandal from every government ministry. The government which has a rotten system described by Boniface Mwangi now escalates the  allegations as Propaganda.The government in a period of only four years, made up to 30 scandals which led to massive loss of taxpayers money.

Through the JAP government heads, it had noted that at least 1 trillion of taxpayers money has lost in mysterious circumstances in the period of four years. According to the economic and political experts, they said that it is the government which has looted a lot compared to the  previous governments. The massive graft is done by autonomous and high profile people who are very close to the president.

The opposition party (CORD) led by Hon. Raila Odinga feted the claims made
by Deputy President William Ruto that they are spreading graft
propaganda. He said "they are telling us, we are spreading graft
propaganda. They need to know Kenyans have a right to know what is going
 on in the government and we will continue". CORD principal Kalonzo
Musyoka also seconded the statement made by Hon. Raila Odinga and added
that the government has robbers,pickpockets and looting gang which
declines the Kenyan economy.

An activist Boniface Mwangi called the president "commander-in-thief" because of massive graft allegations. These words made Roncliff Odit of KBC be fired by the management after airing a clip he covered without editing. The clip had some assaults made by Mwangi to the president. The scandals that will leave you mouth open were outlined by a lawyer are here below.

President UK on the presidential van greeting people.

 Read the reason here now and list of scandals that happened in the past three years.

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