Coke studio season nine.

The coke studio has brought many celebrities from different angles of the African continent. The judges in the coke studio always have difficulties in determining the best and qualified personnel in the competition. The current judges are surprised by the mode of presentation and tactics which are being used by the participants. The shocking news from the judges is most of them do not provide the correct judgment.

Last week, one of the judges was found to be delirious and sick from the emotional play and dance from the participants. The judge poured his juice products in his underwear. A lady from the back noticed the unusual movement of the male judge and she became curious. Due to the dance and songs that were played by the participants, the judge figured out the movement and imitated the move until he ejaculated on his chair.

Coke studio Kenya participants dancing.The coke studio participants now are keen in dealing with such people in order to add them marks after the play. This is a new move for the participants to get the jackpot which will be provided at the end of the competition. The Coke studio has still several weeks to be concluded. Here are some of the coke studio scenes.

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