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#BlackFriday. Jumia, Deacons,Amazon and Kilimall have BlackFriday, Hurry Up, Check for unlimited discounts.

#JumiaBlackFriday  #DeaconsBlackFriday

#BlackFriday in Kenya.

Today and the Other Fridays will be #BlackFridays for the online shopping retailers across the world. The main and popular shopping retailers which are well known in Africa are Jumia, Amazon and Kilimall Online shopping retailers.There are good deals in all household items. There is a good and constant discount in all products from the online stores.

Jumia which is the number shopping mall and online store in Nigeria came to Kenya in 2014.Jumia is now trending in Africa as the biggest and largest online shopping retailer. The Fridays that the online shopping retailers provide items with discounted prices are dubbed as Black Fridays.  The "Black Friday"  which occurs Twice or Thrice a year enable consumers or Customers to purchase goods which are of good quality and even quantity at a pocket friendly price.

In this week, goods which were trending at Jumia and Kilimall online retailers were electronics and Home utensils. The least items that people were not interested in were clothes and anything related to it.

The online stores "black Friday" has been extended to welcome the month of December until the Friday of 2nd December. There has been a change of people moving from the real supermarkets to online stores. The E-commerce industry is getting better every day because of inventing more and more products.Because of the public demand they decided to extend the duration of fair prices as the stores negotiated with the Manufacturers.


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