TRUMP DECLARED the President of United states.
Trump and Pence thanking Americans for making America Great again. (PHOTO: TRUMP TEAM)

The US  presidential elections 2016 shows a big impact to the world's economy. According to the flow of results in the last tallying quarter, Donald Trump has taken over the senate house and general Assembly. This is a good indication that Donald Trump is the President of United states in overall Tally at the electoral college.
Who is the next president of US/America? Its POTUS Donald Trump.
Donald Trump becomes the Obama Successor after beating Democrats Hillary Clinton 276: 218 votes.

Donald Trump election headquarters where his supporters are triumphant and really praising for the big things Americans have done.
Donald Trump becomes the president who has a lot  to deliver to Americans.  Many people across the world were shocked by the news of Trump declared the President of the United states of America. Trump is the Obama Successor who is expected to maintain and improve US relations.

Republican win the Majority of Senate with 51 seats while Clinton 47, then US house with Republicans 235 Democrats 183. DONALD TRUMP won by 276 and 218 for HILLARY CLINTON. The comprehensive total Votes for Republicans and Democrats, 59,704,886 votes and 59,938,290 respectively.[no-sidebar]

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